Blacksburg Church of Christ


March 17, 2019


Prayer List

• Sympathy to Mary Burch in the passing of her

sister, Betty Gossett in Portales, New Mexico.

Bob Pusey - mass in right lung consistent with malignancy; results of biopsy Friday

Jon Sterling, nephew of Carl Crowe, scheduled for open heart surgery at Cleveland Clinic, 3/19. Carl's niece's husband diagnosed with MS

•Cyndi Buchanan, former member-Clarksville, TN• Hulon Ferris, husband of Rachel Smith’s cousin - has cancer & is awaiting the results of biopsies.

•Andy Ashland - Kaye Gilliam's sister-in-law's father, is in rehab following heart attack.

• Don Teel - 5th of 6 weeks, radiation and chemo•Caleb Guard-awaiting tests; re: kidney donation•Jonathan Hinckley's mother, Becky, seeking cure•Leesa Miller's sister-in-law, Sylvia Roe, cancer;

and Leesa's uncle Don Hinchey, hospital, stroke• Ben Poe's mother, Jo Ann, tumor - Hospice Care•Sister of Anita Poe
•Laura Hodgson, sister of Leah Boblitt•Grandparents of Mason Bland
• Congratulations to Kevin Lavender & Josh Trull,

VCOM seniors, who have been accepted into the residencies of their choosing.

Attendance: 3/3: Classes - ? Worship - 141 Community Groups - 69 3/13: Classes - 103 2019 Baptisms - 0

Calendar of Events


Tonight: Community Groups at various locations

Wednesday: 6 pm, Supper by Hinckley group. 7 pm, Devotional and Bible classes

Thursday: 7 am, Men's prayer breakfast

Thursday: Kroontje Health Care Center, 7 pm - Singing

24th: "Share Your Story" following AM worship

27th: MPR, 6 pm - Supper by Worley group

29th: Auditorium, 7 pm - Movie: "The Cokeville Miracle." In1986, a small ranching community in Wyoming experiences a "divine intervention" when a couple detonates a bomb inside a crowded classroom.


5: 7 - 9:00 pm. Ladies' Bunco Night at the Gilliam house, 2106 Broken Oak Drive, Blacksburg. Bring 3 small gifts for prizes or food to share. Let Kaye know if you are coming by calling 540-808-5634.

13: MPR, 5 pm - Sign-up sheet posted for "Taco About Love" couples wedding shower honoring Kevin Lavender & Kristen Almaguer. If you would like to contribute to a group gift, please see Wendy Kendrick no later than April 8th. Also, tell Wendy if you would like to provide food or help in any other way.

Sharing Your Story

Titus 2:3-5 directs older women to be an encouragement to younger ladies. I believe one way they can do this is for them to share the story of God interacting-in & guiding them through life. To that aim, I invite all high school & college-age girls to my home once a month for lunch & a chance to listen & be encouraged by these women as they share their story. Leah Boblitt will be sharing her story next Sunday. Please plan to join us! Nicole Zebrowski.

Where: 520 Tower Rd, Christiansburg.When: Sunday the 24th after AM worship. **Transportation is available if needed**

Adult Bible Classes

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 10.56.56 AM.png

Birthdays & Anniversaries:

 Closeup of lit birthday candles birthday wishes concept
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Sundays at 9:30 am

College Room - Students: "How To Study the Bible"MPR - Parenting class
Auditorium - Basic Discipleship study

Wednesdays at 7:00 pm

MPR - "The Gospel of Mark" College Room - "The Gospel of Luke" Auditorium/Library - "2 Thessalonians"

March Birthdays & Anniversaries - 17 - James Wolfe; 21: Jordan Widrig; 22: Ryley Worrell; 23 - Alex Kaylor; 26: Becca Burch; 29: Lauren Dorn

Happy Anniversary!

We celebrate Paul & Sandie Leichner's 50th wedding anniversary. Their children & grandchildren were all present Friday night in the MPR where they shared with us some of their favorite Paul & Sandie memories.