Blacksburg Church of Christ


April 21, 2019


Prayer List

Prayer Requests

•Joe Baker - in Thompson's home.

•Bob Pusey - chemo treatment Thursday.
•Leon Linkous, back surgery; (Penny Thompson)• Wilda Beam - Hospice in TN (June MacKenzie)

  • McGuire family - neighbor of Doug Dorn

  • Joyce Ross, sister of Anita Poe, had surgery, WV

  • Toni Shaw, age 89 and mother of Brian Hill in FL has made a remarkable recovery and has been discharged into a rehab facility. This is truly an answer to prayers! She has been in the hospital since March 8. She is very alert and talkative with the normal spunk in her voice. Brian asks for continued prayers for her physical therapy leading to recovery.

  • Cyndi Buchanan congestive heart failure, high BP

  • Hulon Ferris (Rachel Smith) - cancer

  •  Caleb Guard - kidney donation late fall•J

  • Jonathan Hinckley's mother, Becky, seeking cure• Leesa Miller - arm rehab; sister-in-law, Sylvia

    Roe, cancer; uncle Don Hinchey, hospital, stroke• Ben Poe's mother, Jo Ann, tumor - Hospice Care• Monthly meetings of teens & college-age girls with older Christian women sharing their stories.

    • Personal & group Bible studies in progress.

Calendar of Events


TODAY: 9:00 am - Jarbucks. 9:30 am - Randall Burch - Auditorium. Evening - Community Groups

• Wednesday: 6 pm, MPR - Supper by Worley group. 7 pm, devotional & Bible classes

  • Thursday: 7 am - Men's Prayer Breakfast.

  • NEXT SUNDAY: "Share Your Story" at Zebrowski's home for high school & college aged young ladies.


  • 04: Silent Auction Opens at 5pm, Salad starts at 5:30 and Spaghetti will be served at 6pm followed by dessert, entertainment & silent auction, a fund raiser for the Youth Honduras Mission trip.

  • 05: Graduation Sunday including congregational meal. High school and college graduates should attend. Pictures and future plans needed!

  • 11: Honduras Yard Sale at the Gross House - 595 Walters Dr, Christiansburg. Bring items to donate to the church building - teens can help unload & take to teen classroom.

  • 14: 10:30 am, Heritage Hall - Seniors Visit; 11:30 am, MPR - lunch and planning.

  • 16: 7 - 8 pm, Kroontje Health Care Center - Singing

  • 26: 9:30 am, Summer series begins with Kevin

    Lavender and Josh Trull.

  • 27: 7 - 9:30 pm, MPR - Devo/Honduras Spaghetti Dinner planning and rehearsing session. Even if your teen or preteen is not going to Honduras, plan to have them there to help and for the Devo. - Travis


  • 07-17 - Honduras Youth Mission Trip

Teachers Needed

Education for our future

Education for our future

Birthdays & Anniversaries:

 Closeup of lit birthday candles birthday wishes concept
Pictured above: 13 seniors traveled to West Jefferson, NC last Thursday. They toured a cheese factory and two churches that house the world famous "Ben Long Frescoes".

Pictured above: 13 seniors traveled to West Jefferson, NC last Thursday. They toured a cheese factory and two churches that house the world famous "Ben Long Frescoes".

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SIGN UP to teach at 9:30 am one class in the Summer Series (May 26 - August 25) related to our 2019 congregational theme: "Overflowing With Hope." Seven dates are filled!

Birthdays & Anniversaries 17: Zachary Dorn; 22: Macie Kendrick; 23: Kristen Gross, Josh Trull 24: Brady Hinckley; 25: Jon Ingram; 26: Garrett Denton, Shirley & Don Williams; 28: Andy Poff.

Attendance: April 14:

Classes -123 Worship - 164 Community Groups: 60 April 17: 124