About Common Ground

Common Ground is a tutoring and mentoring ministry started by Blacksburg church of Christ in 2008.

The Common Ground ministry’s goal is to make disciples of Jesus. The name comes from the idea that we are meeting people where they are: physically, emotionally and spiritually, helping to deal with their real problems, doubts, fears and concerns. Our target community is the Oak Forest trailer park in Blacksburg.

We meet our goal of discipleship through a bible lesson and homework help for kids in Oak Forest on Tuesdays. We also offer transportation to church on Wednesday nights. Some of these kids may not hear God's word elsewhere and many are behind in school or lack homework help at home. We show that God loves them and cares about them through our actions during these events. For our staff members, it’s an avenue to develop their own discipleship skills and to share Christ and His love with others.

We have now filled our 15 passenger van with students and are outgrowing the trailer we rent as a church in Oak Forest. We would like to continue to grow this minstry and include as many children from the community as possible. 

Tuesdays: After-school Homework Help

The After-school Homework Help program supports the children of Oak Forest:

  1. Physically - through education,

  2. Emotionally - through friendships with Christians, and

  3. Spiritually - through the teachings of Christ

When: Tuesdays at 4:15pm - 5:45pm

Where: 705 Knox Ln. Blacksburg VA, 24060

Contact: Katherine Zebrowski (954)-647-3188 & Leah Boblitt (540)-553-4798

Wednesdays: Dinner and Bible study at church

On Wednesday evenings, we pick the kids up from their homes in Oak Forest so that they can join our congregation in eating dinner, worshipping, and studying the bible together. Our hope is that they grow deep roots in Christ and in our congregation. We feel that God wants us to commit to and love them like our own children, and therefore we pray that they will continue in our congregation through high school and beyond, developing a life-long faith in which they marvel and seek after God on their own. If they do leave our congregation one day, we want them to know that (1) God loves them, (2) we love them, and (3) they have life-long friends here at Blacksburg Church of Christ.

When: Pickup at 545pm, Drop-off at (approximately) 845pm

Where: Blacksburg Church of Christ 315 Eakin Street Blacksburg VA, 24060

Contact: Matt Frauenthal (757)-621-1389 & Lauren Frauenthal (757)-375-7422

Common Ground Permission Form
BY FILLING OUT THE FORM BELOW, I GRANT PERMISSION FOR MY CHILD TO PARTICIPATE IN COMMON GROUND EVENTS AND BE TRANSPORTED TO AND FROM EVENTS IN CHURCH VEHICLES. In giving this consent, I recognize and understand that in situations where the below named minor required immediate medical or hospital care, it may not be possible to contact me. In such situations, I will not be able to knowledgeably evaluate and choose among the available alternative treatments or procedures, if any, or to evaluate the risk attendant upon each an the risks attendant to foregoing all treatment; in such situations, I authorize a physician, surgeon, or dentist to exercise his professional judgement and assess the risk incident to and choose the necessary treatment for any available alternatives and to render such care and perform such treatment as he in his professional judgment determines to be necessary for the above named minor.
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