Wednesday- Mason Touching Up Paint

June 12th, 2019 Blog:

In the morning we painted the apartment buildings where the Baxter students live. The students came in and out of their apartments as the day went on. But none of them failed to thank us for painting their homes. A lady name Linette invited us over yesterday for coffee and cinnamon rolls. She welcomed us into her house that we had just painted and she told us my home is your home. Today we had a devo lead by Deonte and he talked about hospitality and read scripture about the good samaritan. Hospitality is something we have seen a lot here. I’ve learned that faith is a universal language. Most of us only know how to say a few words in spanish but we still manage to connect through our faith. Linette comes out everyday to offer us a couple minutes to rest in her house or make us some coffee. If we’re too busy painting, Linette just talks to us through the window of her apartment. Enrique is a Baxter student who lives in the apartments we are painting as well. He sings along to some of our music we listen to as we paint. When he’s walking around going back to his apartment we all yell ENRIQUE and he yells out all of our names back.

Chelsea Kaylor