Last Day of Manual Labor

Today concluded our last day of really tough manual labor. Throughout the week Randall, Jeremy, Austin, and Deonté have gone to Anna Maria's house (a member of the church) to help build a retaining wall to prevent her house from falling down the mountain. Everyone could not participate in this service because of limited space at her house and on the mountain. The work consisted of carrying large heavy buckets of sand, gravel, and cement down stairs. Making and mixing concrete, shoveling, making brackets, and post made from rebar. With very limited space and tools; the Hondurans have quite the ingenuity. We were able to complete most of the hard work but were unable to finish the project as space & time was limited. It is pleasing to know that we were able to contribute a little to help this family out and improve their living situation.

During our time at Anna Maria's house, we were able to get to know her and her children. Wilmer (13), Odalis (15), Genesis (18). Anna Maria is a single mother. While there; we discovered that they needed shoes. We were able to buy them all a pair of shoes. While today was a tough work day it was also a rewarding day. We have been blessed to be a blessing and I thank God we were able to give what has been given to us. It brought us all great joy to see the elation on their faces to have new pairs of shoes. To God be the glory!

Deonté Watkins