The girls have it made this year!

The girls have it made this year! Instead of a dorm room, we're in an apartment. All 5 of us plus Randall & Judy have 4 rooms, 2 private bathrooms and a kitchen area to share. I have my own room, which I'm not sure yet if I like or not (bedtime chats can lead to great bonding with the girls!). There is an empty bed in one of the girls' rooms if I change my mind. What luxury! (The guys have 2 rooms between them and are also set up pretty well.) The flights were great, I practiced my Spanish on one because I was between two non-English speaking Hondurans. We visited the Hope to Walk clinic after we got here because we're so proud, & then got caught in a downpour that wouldn't quit before dinner. Dinner was delicious fried chicken, cheesy mashed taters, salsa & homemade tortillas, yum. I love that the tortillas will be offered at every single meal. Already, all of us have made new friends among the Baxter students who want to practice their English on us & are letting us practice our Spanish on them. We've also seen several old friends who were here two years ago as first-years. Right now the kids are playing soccer & I'm relaxing before our devo. Great day so far, I'll try to do better with pictures tomorrow. :) Thanks for your prayers!

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