Little Moments

There are so many moments that have happened throughout the past 10 days that, when they occur, I think, "oh man, this moment right here made the trip so worth it."

When all the teens are working on a project together ... or when my son and nephew are installing almost all the outlets by themselves ... the girls (and maybe a guy or two) playing tag with kids who came to see the doctor ... the spontaneous singing on the bus or while we're working ...

So far two of my favorite moments weren't planned or initiated by an adult but were brought on or initiated by the teens. The first I already posted about was the time all of the teens sat together at dinner and blessed the food with prayer on their own.

Last night after the girls came in at curfew, I was laying on my bed reading, and Abby and Emma laid down on the bed next to mine and next thing I know all 5 of them are laying in that bed or on mine and we're talking well past my appointed lights-out time. We had such a great time and I hope were building meaningful relationships. I'm disappointed we didn't start this sooner but we're already planning to do it the rest of the week. 

Moms and Dads, your kids are great and are making your family and our God proud. As a church we need to all hold them to the leadersip skills they're developing and encourage them to keep it up after they come home and continue to serve others. They can do it. They're more than ready. I wish you could all be here to see it.