Nashville day 1 Sunday March 4th

Nashville day 1 Sunday March 4th
After spending 6 hours on the road and listening to Nate, the youth minister here at Madison church of Christ, sharing his story about how he got to this church and what he learned from surviving his cancer. We had a night of rest and then headed to Nashville Inner City Church of Christ to serve the community. The NICCC building was remodeled from a old warehouse. Now only 1/3 of the building is used for bible classes and service. Another 1/3 has just been remodeled to be a gathering place when they serve free dinner to those who are in need. They had to put multiple push-bar doors at the exits to bring the building up to code. The last 1/3 of the building includes a work site with lots of construction material piled up and a garage that takes care of the church buses.

Talking bout the church buses, one of the elders at NICCC Lytle told us that at their peak time, they’d have roughly 30 buses going in all directions, picking up kids and teenagers and sending them to various churches of Christ for their mid-week Bible study. But this time we all rode in one bus. The bus driver’s name is Mr. Stacey. He is cheerful, polite and passionate to serve. Everyone on his bus, from little kids to seniors, can always expect a delightful greeting when they board the bus.

After we arrived in NICCC, the worship began. The selection of songs were very similar to the ones in Mobile. Their preacher Larry Cantrell gave a powerful and enthusiastic sermon on the tradition of slave owners piercing a slave’s ear (Exodus 21:5-6). He affirmed us that we all have the significant moment when we decided to follow Jesus, and those moments are our marks, marking our servanthood to Jesus.
After service, Nashville surprised us again with the baptism of our now new brother in Christ Ben. One of the church member Cornelius reached out to him one day at the store, and two weeks later here is Ben added to The Church through baptism. Praise the LORD!

In the afternoon we returned to Madison Church of Christ to join some of their teens and young adults for some games and basketball. Everyone had fun.

At night, we met shortly to sing and share thoughts about how everyone’s day went and  thoughts about the coming day. Everyone in the group expressed excitement about the outreach we are going to do on Monday.   (Written By: Dingyi Zhang)