Nashville Day Three

Tuesday, March 6 2018


“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.” (Colossians 3:23)

The pungent smell of Fireball cleaner filled our noses, eyes and lungs this morning as we scrubbed and wiped off dirty chairs. These chairs will later be used for the catfish dinner being served on Thursday and Friday night in hopes that it will raise a significant portion for the church to use in renovations.

Unfortunately Ena Carol had a head cold and was unable to assist in our efforts today, but she was spared the toxicity of the chemical fumes from the Fireball. While most of us cleaned, Dingyi and Mr. Stacy went to deliver food to Ms. Renee -someone who we were able to talk to on Monday and who specifically asked that we bring her a lunchbox. Not only did they bring food, Dingyi also had the opportunity to share a bible verse and a devotional Mr. Stacy had printed off mistakenly for September 6 instead of March 6. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise though as Ms. Renee said this is exactly what she needed to hear and was encouraged.

As the afternoon rolled around, we drove to the Potters House in Bowling Green Kentucky. Here we met Ms. Geneva who had a retail/thrift store that needed volunteers. We took down displays so that other volunteers would have a blank slate to work with, and the majority of our time was spent sorting clothes into bins and hanging clothes on hangers. While this seems like a menial task, this work is valuable to the store as it frees up the other volunteers and sets them up to get more work done, faster.

Right across the parking lot from the store was the actualorphanage playground and building. There we got to meet some of the kids and play with them – football, basketball, a playhouse, on the playground. They reminded me a lot of the common ground kids as they were full of energy and really wanted to play!

It was time for dinner so we all went inside to have pizza and salad along with some drinks. This was a mixed group as there were some kids who were truly orphans and others who had parents drop them off. Here we got to know more of the children and find out what they liked. After everyone finished eating we got to play games. Some were playing tag, others blackjack, and one kid was playing Unturned on his laptop with a couple of other kids watching. It was great to spend time with them, but difficult to say goodbye.

We got to finish the day off by having the loveliest dinner at the Morrison’s. There was a delicious salad, chicken spaghetti and garlic bread. Max’s parents told the story of how they stole their cat from their neighbor which was pretty funny. We then moved outside where Max had set up a fire pit, and we all sat around reflecting on the day. Ms. Morrison had made some delectable blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream, so we shared our thoughts while having a great treat. We discussed how the kids are very socially aware and have different life experiences because they might be growing up with abusive or negligent parents, or sometimes no parents at all. It is important to have a consistent and firm foundation which God can provide, and I hope that they can see his love for them and latch onto it.

Moving forwards we are all looking forward to the catfish dinner! We have heard so many positive reviews, so we can’t wait to serve it fresh and hot to those who come.

Written By:  Josh Arnold