Nashville Day Five

Winner winner, catfish dinner! Thursday was an exciting and action-packed day for the group as it saw its weeklong preparation for the Inner City Church of Christ’s annual catfish dinner come to fruition. As an added bonus, we  saw the addition of Jessa Watkin’s brother, Zach, to our group. 

The morning started out with the group door-knocking in a neighborhood nearby the Inner City Church that did not garner much success. However, as noon came around, the group transitioned into the James Casey housing development—the largest housing project in the city of Nashville. With this change in location came a change in the responses we received. The hour spent in James Casey resulted in the most successful evangelism effort produced all week and served as an extremely encouraging end to our time in the community for our trip.

Following our time spent door-knocking, we returned to the Inner City Church for an excellent pizza lunch and enjoyed fellowshipping with some of the staff of the church. Upon finishing lunch, Deonte, Josh, and Zach returned to Madison Church of Christ in order for Deonte to complete his midterm (in which he achieved a very impressive 30/31). At the same time, Dingyi, Ena Carol, Fred, Katherine, and Max visited a local Nashville landmark, McKay’s Bookstore. This respite served as a valuable time for us all to recharge as we prepared to serve during the evening’s festivities.

The Catfish dinner was a smashing fundraising success for the Inner City Church with over 650 people attending and taking a big chunk out of the $300,000 goal set by the church. Deonte, Dingyi, Zach, and Fred all helped to park the mob of cars outside as attendees arrived and we are very thankful for them doing so outside in the cold. Katherine, Josh, and Max helped to prepare and serve drinks inside the nice, cozy, and warm building and to clean up the main hall once the meal was finished. 

When our time at the Inner City Church was over, we came back to Madison Church of Christ to engage in our nightly reflections to talk about what we learned this week, what we can take back with us to Blacksburg, and what had an impact on us today. Lastly, we played card and board games and continued thoroughly and genuinely enjoying our time spent together. 

What a blessed day we had!

Written By: Max Morrison