Nashville Day Four

Wednesday 07 March 2018

Our day started by arriving at the Inner City Church of Christ to finish the task of cleaning the chairs however, as a very welcoming surprise they had a different job for us to do instead. We started setting the tables for the catfish dinner with baskets, utensils, paper towels and beautiful flower centerpieces. Helping along with us it was so encouraging to see a young mom with a newborn baby and a sweet little two year old volunteering her time in what we know must be a very busy schedule. There was also an older gentleman who had a two walking canes helping us to open packages and make it easier to set up all the tables. After that was all done we headed on back to Madison to enjoy round two of the delicious chicken spaghetti Mr. and Mrs. Morrison prepared of us. After getting all fueled up we made our way back to Bowling Green Kentucky to the Potters House for Children where we spent the rest of the afternoon.

Upon arrival we moved some furniture into a new apartment for a single mother and her newborn baby. The process was so easy and very organized they had everything already marked and we just loaded everything in the moving van. Their storage room was huge and filled with so much furniture that was all donated by the community. How the system works is, when a single parent family is placed in one of the apartments at the Potter house they are supplied with everything they need from including food, dishes, a television, bed frame, mattress, baby crib, new sheets and everything else. After everything was in the apartment we all started setting up the apartment washing the pots, pans, dishes, putting together the furniture that was broken down and staging the living room, bathroom, dining room, bedrooms and kitchen.

Next we took a tour of the Potters house where we learned about how everything worked and the history behind it. It started as a farm and then became a school and finally into the children’s home it is today. On site they have a boys and girls foster home, within each home a married couple lives with any biological children they have and then foster up to six children total. Each child has there own room and bathroom. The other half of the organization is the single parent housing these family’s have apartment units furnished by the Potter house. For every few families there is a Christian couple that live there as well. They are there to help guide those around them with transportation and babysitting occasionally but mostly to be a listening ear and helping them stay focused on there goals. As part of the requirements for living at the house they must attend a church on Sundays and Wednesday nights as well as continuing to better themselves and accomplishing goals to get them back on their feet so they can live back on their own.

At the end of the tour we learned that James Harding grave was located in a nearby cemetery. We took the short trip over there to check it out before heading back to play with the kids back at the Potters House.

When we finally got back the Potters House we were greeted by CJ and he brought his acoustic and electric guitar down so we could could jam out with him a little. He did a wonderful job of plucking the notes to Amazing Grace. As some other children began to arrive we all broke off to play some card games, legos, coloring and double dutch. The kids ate up any kind of attention they could get. It was so much fun getting to know their personalities better and the time just flew by we were all sad to be leaving. As we were driving away we noticed on the billboard it said “Thank you, VT volunteers” it was so sweet of them!

To finish off our night we ate and had a devotional with the Hilltoppers for Christ campus ministry. We were all really encouraged by how many people they had in attendance at their Wednesday nigh study and as alway our own campus minister delivered a wonderful devotional for the whole group.

Written By: Katherine Zebrowski