Nigerian Mission

The congregational leaders of our mission to Nigeria are William and Tawney Haithcock


Dear Tawny and William,

Compliment of the season to you all and we pray you get this email in good health.

We are very grateful for your kindness in helping us financially and organising others in the Church to assist in the medical program we have been doing to help others here in Nigeria, may the good Lord bless you richly in His name.

I sent some pictures of the medical outreach we had last week to you. We assisted so many people medically by consulting for free, getting them medications, adults and children, pregnant mothers, and we took some of them for further investigation such as radiology and lab tests.

We hope to continue with this medical outreach next year and we pray that God use us as his children to impact the lives of others.

I will also endeavor to send you a more comprehensive report of the work we do so you can share it with the church.

Thank you once again, God bless..... Uyai, Chioma, Itoro

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Good evening, Brothers & Sisters!


I hope you all have enjoyed this snowy and cold day; what a neat surprise! Please see the attached pictures sent from Itoro and Chioma this past week. The first picture is of Chioma and Uyai. Uyai turned two about a month ago and loves to sing! The other pictures are of Itoro helping recent patients.


Itoro writes: 


The lady in yellow is a sickle cell patient who has been having some difficulties in walking now, remember, my late brother died from complications of sickle cell anemia. An X-Ray was done and some medication commenced. We will be seeing her again to see how she is doing. 


Another lady we assisted has chronic osteoarthritis. She had a fall as a child, was poorly managed, and now she may need to do surgery. She has pain intermittently while walking. 
An X ray was also done and that was what we were studying and explaining to her.

There is also a Muslim woman I have been assisting medically and will have to do a follow-up with her soon.

Itoro also mentioned that the “Harmattan” has begun which is a season occurring in the West African subcontinent where a dry and dusty trade wind blows from the Sahara Desert. I got the impression that we probably wouldn’t like it. ☺


And finally, Tawny and I receive a Christian publication that often reports on the Persecuted Church. This week it named the five nations where Christians face the most hostility and persecution: North Korea, China, Iran, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia. Please do keep the Ebong family in your prayers as they seek to serve the Lord and assist those in need. It’s a joy to be able to come along side them and assist in this ministry. 


Let’s give Jesus our best…”For to this end we toil and strive, because we have our hope set on the living God, who is the Savior of all men, especially of those who believe.” 1 Timothy 4:10


In Christ’s love,


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